The Publican // Drink // Chicago

Of all the districts in Chicago, West Loop has to be the most well-known when it comes to food. Home to some of the city’s best establishments including Avec, The Aviary, Girl and the Goat, Au Cheval and countless more, Publican is nestled cosily amongst them. From the team that created Blackbird and Avec restaurants, The Publican features trendy meat dishes galore, and while the focus is on pork and seafood dishes, there are a few vegetarian options on each of the menus including Slow Cooked Kale and Squash and Fennel Gratin for dinner. The beer and wine list features international selections from France, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, also offering several micro-brews and and local tipples. There are also some serious whiskeys and bourbons which I will have to try on my return! Unfortunately tonight my time is limited as I’m due for a quick cocktail at Grant Achatz’s The Aviary before heading to Stephanie Izard’s The Girl and the Goat for dinner. Tune in for the next installment to see how they measured up!

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