So after completing a couple of photography courses I have decided that my point and shoot isn’t going to cut it anymore. It does the job, but good isn’t great, and I want quality over quantity. Canon 5D Mark III here we come! In the meantime, I have made it my job to find out as much about food styling and photography as humanly possible, and who better to teach it than photographer, food blogger and former Masterchef contestant Billy Law. Billy’s blog A Table for Two is really, really awesome, and the photos are crisp, perfectly styled and super inspiring. Plus, he has what I want, a book deal! So I headed to meet the master-chef to pick his brain and get some pointers on this niche subject on which there is just so much to know.



Billy brought along everything but the kitchen sink, (or was there one there? Could’ve been) to show us what can be done using simple props and, in some cases, this man’s treasures that literally used to be someone else’s trash, like old wooden boards and plywood. With a group of food bloggers and enthusiasts amongst us, everyone got right in there and set up some great shots. It was crazy fun playing around with all the bits and pieces of old crockery and bottles, my grandmothers would be proud.



Billy in Action



At some stage some food was brought out, which we obviously spent more time photographing than eating. Held at Mumu Grill, Crows Nest,  we actually got a great feed and some cool shots to take home with us. To find out more about the dishes, hold your mouse over the images. The Crispy Fried Spiced Cauliflower was divine, and the desserts were to die for! There were a few groups of blokes having lessons in beer at the surrounding tables, and I saw a poster for tapas cooking classes which sounded fun, Crows Nest actually seemed like a pretty cool place to hang out!

Bread and Dips

Mixed Olives

Spiced Nuts


Haloumi with Chilli and Zucchini Dressing

Crispy Fried Spiced Cauliflower

Bloggers and Enthusiasts

Chocolate Slice with Hazelnut Icecream


So as you can probably tell by my tone, the entire day was pretty exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. I learnt a lot about props and improvisation in the styling area, and got to meet some really cool, equally as geeky and in some cases even more eager amateur food photographers who would made you wait twice as long as I ever would to eat before I photograph it. See below for mandatory shot of me with my new idol. Thanks for an amazing day Billy, see you on the shelves in September!

Kitti & Billy

Mumu Grill
70-76 Alexander Street  Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9460 6877