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South Dowling Sandwich

Best. Sandwiches. Ever. The I Heart South Dowling Sandwiches Facebook page is a pretty good indication of the popularity of these ridiculous, oversized morsels adored by locals & travellers alike. Some profess their love, while others admit to using the page as a “support group”, having moved interstate & away from sandwich goodness.

South Dowling Sign

South Dowling Inside

This pocket-sized, hole-in-the-wall alcove of a shop could not be cause for more joy if you put a jumping castle in the corner and a miniature petting zoo out the front. Not for the faint of heart, I highly recommend you don’t come to South Dowling Sandwiches if you have eaten, say, in the last day or two. Either way, prepare to be full for a day or two more, and that’s without finishing the second half.

There are plenty of great options to choose from on the menu, but the control-freak-sandwich-fanatic in me always opts for the step-by-step option. If you get here after 12pm expect to wait in a fast-paced queue out the front as you shuffle towards your sandwich maker. The worst part about this is that it doesn’t allow a view of the glass cabinet that holds all the lucky sandwich fillings. The best thing in this place, by far, are the carrots. Baked, dehydrated and caramelised, it probably wouldn’t matter what else you decided to have as long as the carrots were involved.

South Dowling Sandwich 2

My South Dowling Sandwich experience is, without fail, as follows:

Sandwich Fairy: Bread?
Me: Yes please.
Sandwich Fairy: Yes. What kind?
Me: Oh, white please.
Sandwich fairy: What else?
Me: Hummus… Chilli paste… Avocado (Wait for each small sliver to be careful scraped on to the bread)… Green beans, lentils, carrots, rocket, salt and pepper.
Sandwich Fairy: Cheese?
Me: Jarlsberg please.
Sandwich Fairy: Yarlsberg?
Me: Swiss cheese please.

There is always a veeeery long wait for the sandwich to be wrapped in alfoil (at least 10 seconds or so) and another minute before you have paid and have it in your hot little hands. From there, well, my best suggestion is to turn off your phone, lock the doors and put the out-of-office on your email. Did someone say sandwich?

South Dowling Bain-Marie

South Dowling Sandwiches
377 South Dowling St, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW 2021
(02) 9360 9355

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